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About Our Olney Family Dental Practice 

Stanley Cohen, DDS provides individualized, expert care to the people of Olney, Rockville, and Sandy Spring. By constantly improving our own professionalism and limiting the work we do to what is truly necessary, we provide quality care to create healthy and beautiful smiles.                                                                                                                                                                         

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Our Belief in Quality Service

Dr. Cohen believes that his patients should be treated with the best procedures, products, and technology that dentistry has to offer.

Our Olney dentist attends multiple continuing education courses five times a year, every year. This additional education enables him to keep track with the latest advancements in dentistry. Dr. Cohen is also very selective about the dental materials he uses for dental implant restorations and other restorative procedures. With occasional exceptions, he will use zirconia for dental crowns, dental veneers, and other dental prostheses for a natural aesthetic. Zirconia is both strong and beautiful, as it has the color and sheen of a real tooth, but is not as abrasive as dental porcelain and therefore is more beneficial to your dental health.

Lastly, Dr. Cohen helps provide the best in dentistry by having a professional, caring staff. From our front desk operators to our hygienists, everyone who works for our Olney dentist has been trained to follow dentistry’s best practices and the highest patient care standards. We treat each patient as a unique individual, helping tend to your needs on a one-on-one basis, and help to make sure your treatments are truly fulfilling your dental needs. Infection control, minimal waiting in our lobby, and appointment scheduling that is respectful of your time are all elements our staff makes sure to uphold during your visit.

Conservative Treatments

Our Olney dentist is a firm believer in maintaining the natural health of a tooth as much as possible. Therefore, every treatment we provide is designed to help you maintain your natural dental health.

For example, a dental crown does protect a cracked or decayed tooth from further damage and cavities, but the preparatory work necessary for placing a crown irreversibly changes the structure of that tooth. If the crack is minor or the decay minimal, then Dr. Cohen would instead provide a composite filling. The same can be said of our sleep apnea appliances; these devices are a secondary treatment for those who cannot use a CPAP machine, but we encourage you to stick with the most effective treatment if you have the ability to do so. To protect your dental health in every respect, our practice focuses on providing the dental services you truly need.

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Stanley Cohen provides highly professional, conservative dental treatments to Olney, Rockville, and Sandy Spring. If you would like to learn more or schedule with us, call our office today!


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