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It is important to visit a dental practice regularly to protect and build up the health of your smile. The dentist and staff at Stanley Cohen, DDS are happy to be one of your options when the time for a dental checkup comes. Dr. Cohen and staff can best serve the families of Olney, Rockville, and Sandy Spring by providing comprehensive dentistry.

Dentistry to Meet Multiple Needs

As a comprehensive general dentist, Dr. Cohen can help children and adults alike get the dental help they need by offering an array of dental services that consist of general cleanings, restorations, periodontal cleanings, and dental orthopedic appliances. Our Olney dentist can provide cosmetic dental solutions as the patient’s dentition requires. Some of our specific services include:
• Crowns
• Dental Implant Restorations
• Obstructive Sleep Apnea Appliances
• TMJ Guards and Medicine
• Children’s Dental Procedures
• Dentures
• Composite Fillings

High-Quality Dental Materials

Several of the procedures our Olney dentist offers involve the use of dental prostheses to restore the health and function of his patients’ teeth. Because these dental restorations need to be strong enough to stand up to the pressures of chewing and other oral health circumstances, and are often requested by patients to be aesthetically pleasing as well, the materials used to make these restorations are too important to overlook.

Stanley Cohen, DDS uses the best possible materials to make these restorations for his patients. We are an amalgam-free dental office, avoiding these fillings in favor of composite resin. We work in partnership with a zirconia dental lab to craft our various dental restorations; not only are we using a material that looks, feels, and functions like a natural, healthy tooth, but we are also improving the longevity and quality of the restorations by letting experts in dental prosthetics craft them. Even the partial dentures our Olney dentist provides can be made of either firm or flexible materials, depending upon the needs of the patient.

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To help meet your dental needs, call Stanley Cohen, DDS today. Our broad range of dental services have helped families from Olney, Rockville, and Sandy Spring develop healthy, beautiful smiles. We look forward to helping you develop your best smile. Please feel free to call us today for more information, or you can use our online appointment request to schedule a visit with us.

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